Increased support for Kenya’s Youth Talent Academy (Source: YouthDev)

Increased support for Kenya’s Youth Talent Academy (Source: YouthDev)

Initiative seeks to engage and challenge Kenyan youths through developing their sporting talent to boost opportunities and self confidence.

Speaking at the launch of the Communication Commission of Kenya (CCK) National Youth Talent Academy (NYTA) club in Nairobi on Thursday evening, assistant Minister for Sports, Kabando wa Kabando, lauded NYTA’S efforts of bringing together talented youth to realize their dreams.

“… I thank NYTA for their efforts to bring these people together to realize their potential of playing football in their lives. The academy has transformed many talents across the country and as a government we are planning to go into every county in the country … to identify young people with talents who will further be given more skills in the academies that will be established,” said Kabando.

He added. “ We want to recruit sports officers who will work with us in the development of sports in the country. I am challenging high learning institutions to provide skills to people that will be able to work from the grass root levels.”

Youth empowerment
Speaking while handing over the Ksh 17 million cheque, CCK chairman, Philip Okundi noted that the contribution goes a long way in empowering the youth.

“As a corporate responsibility, we are happy to partner with the team with the aim of empowering the youth to gain employment opportunities and better their lives. I am confident the players will continue to excel as our athletes are doing.” 

Among the players that are in the team are those selected during the Sakata Ball Challenge that was conducted countrywide.

In June this year, some players got an opportunity to play in the Liberty tournament where some were selected as best performers. Rogers Omondi was one player who was selected in the team and allowed to play in the first 11 team. Others are Sudi Mandera and Aziz Okumu who were given an opportunity to play in the Liberty tournament for two weeks.

Sport for social awareness
Unicef has invested in creating awareness not only in sports activities but also in HIV/ Aids, peace and education, information and entrepreneurship. 

“These young people are creative and by getting them together we are able to develop their talents and they won’t be distracted to do other bad behaviors or be manipulated by other people,” said Unicef Deputy Country representative, Madhavi Ashok.

NYTA girls football team is currently leading the national Women Premier league with 31 points and their volleyball team is second behind Africa champions Kenya Prisons. Currently there are 13 youth talent centres in the country.

Students Travel To Kenya For Cultural Exchange

Students Travel To Kenya For Cultural Exchange

While some of their peers are lounging at the beach this summer, a group of Berklee College of Music students and alumni, and Newton North and Needham High School students, are using the break as an educational opportunity. The students will participate in a cultural exchange program in Kenya from June 24 to July 15 through local organization Global Youth Groove (GYG), whose mission is to transform the lives of youth through music. They will teach and perform; study Swahili; learn about traditional Kenyan music, instruments, and dance; and be immersed in Kenyan culture. The program is spearheaded by Berklee staff member Sam Lutomia, cofounder of GYG and cofounder of Acacia in Kenya, a fundraising effort that provides support for girls’ education.